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Initiate worldwide phone calls from our Web page!


Simplified WEB-Call for PDA and cellphone!

Firefox Extension

Integrate WEB-Call into your Firefox browser!


Send us a SMS text message with a phone number you want to call and we'll connect you!

VoIP Phone Services

Use Internet connection to place phone calls!

My 800 Number

USA/Canada Toll Free Number linked to a number of your choice worldwide!

Initiate worldwide phone calls from your browser.
Select any phone number on a web page, or click on a phone number within your contact list, and you will receive an incoming call from the desired destination number.

  • Initiate phone calls from your browser
  • Use your regular landline or cell phone
  • Low international rates
  • Accessible worldwide
  • Store personal contact list
  • No connection fee, no maintenance fee

Free dollar credit equals 10-30 calling minutes.
No free calls to or from phone numbers
already used for placing free calls from other accounts.

Try now and instantly get a free dollar credit!

How Extension Works

Requires Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or above